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New Post: Nostalgic mountain village, Jiufen

Travel Nonstop…story continues.

Introduce one of my favorite spots in Taiwan. Mountain, Tea, Tears…


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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – JetBlue video marketing

Picture Worth A Thousand 1000 Words Linchi Kwok BlogWords are good, but sometimes, we have to admit, pictures are more favorable. It is enjoyable to read and experience characters’ emotions from one paragraph to another. However, when I come home from work, lying on my sofa, a simple picture will more easily catch my eyes. As people become busier and lazier, videos which involves visual and audio content in few seconds, has become an important role in our life. Funny videos like Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That and Harlem Shake went viral across borders in a short time. Our behaviors have been controlled by those little triangle, square, and rectangle icons. Videos enable more content and drive higher engagement. Brands recognize that and utilize online video platforms such as YoutubeHuluNetflixVimeoVevoAOLVine, etc.imgfeat-prod-media


1. Youtube

JetBlue has its own Youtube channel with 96 videos, 2154 subscribers, and 1341k video views. Those videos include JetBlue campaign commercials, animations, customer experience, live performance, and a series of “Ground Rules” videos which complemented its “You above all” marketing campaign launched in 2010. Hidden cameras recorded how people react when being deprived of basic services in real situations. Results are also featured in its Blue Tale blog. ground
2. FacebookphiliphiliOn its Facebook page, there are video posts of JetBlue “Live from T5″ concerts and other interview and demonstration videos. “Live from T5″ is the live music concert series at the airline’s Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Through the partnership with Superfly Marketing Group, it has presented performances from Phillip Phillips, Taylor Swift, James Blunt Overall, etc. Overall, JetBlue is doing well on Facebook with various content: polls, photos, videos, promotions, links to other channels (blog, website, specific landing page…)

3. Twitter

On the Twitter page, I found JetBlue has timely and interesting interaction with customers. JetBlue has lots of photo and video posts on Twitter and some of the videos are actually from its replies to customers’ posts.  For example, there was a customer tweeting that she was at JFK airport listening to the music that JetBlue was playing. Within 3 minutes, JetBule tweeted back, started a conversation, and replied with a video of one girl doing crazy but excellent dancing at the airport. This is a great example of brands giving instant responses to customers with a sense of humor. Another example of dealing with customer’s complaint about hearing feelings is to post a movie clip of “Singin’ in the Rain”, a 1950s American musical comedy. Saying ‘ We miss you! ‘ and posting the video of creepy Muppets maniacal laugh is also a creative way to win back customers!


The new mobile app Vine, launched by Twitter, enables users to post a short video clip up to 6 seconds. Some brands have kept up with the new trend. Here is the good news, JetBlue is on Vine now! But the bad news is, it has ZERO posts… Searching #jetblue, I found a few videos uploaded by JetBlue passengers but it is a pity that JetBlue didn’t take advantage of it.


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BlueTales – JetBlue blog

blogBrand Specific Topics
“Blue Tales” is the name of JetBlue Airway’s blog which can be easily accessed through JetBlue home page. At first glance, my eyes were caught by the big chunk of tags clouds on the right hand side. One thing that’s good about the tag cloud is that users can easily find out what topics are most frequently talked about. However, when tags become too many, some how it looks a bit messy. Breaking down the categories, I found that its topics vary from promotions, new service, airport operations, to concert information, volunteer activities, behind the scene stories, and technology news.

Tone: informative, warm, upright
The blog provides information such as how your baggage is delivered during the flight and introductions of cities in their destinations. Besides, the BlueTales blog is written in a warm tone. From its blog, we can see JetBlue’s efforts on Corporate Social Responsibilities including their staff visiting American Red Cross and the Ronald McDonald House. It also recognizes crewmembers who spend time on volunteering. One story behind the scene I thought was very cute is that when one JetBlue staff realized they couldn’t find a customer’s lost Teddy Bear, she contacted the headquarters and in the end they sent a human-size bear which was the gift for Valentine’s Day contest to the customer as compensation.

JetBlue_ValentineShowing their good customer relationship, in the blog JetBlue also posts a video of staff celebrating a little girl’s birthday who picked JetBlue birthday song as her birthday tradition. The little girl and her family have been JetBlue’s loyal customers for years.

Who are targeted?
The BlueTales blog is posted almost everyday. In my opinion, the purpose of this blog is to build public image and the target audiences are shareholders and fans who aspire to know more  inside stories about JetBlude. Most articles are long and cover much information which might take a while to read. One thing interesting is that most people only comment on promotion posts or something regarding their benefits. What’s more, sometimes the readers are not passengers themselves, they could be parents or grandparents! For example, following comments are from a post where JetBlue introduces the journey of our baggage.

The current content of  Blue Tales is mostly text-based. What I would suggest is that they can add more photos, videos, or colorful designs to make it look more vivid. Besides, they can broaden reader groups by talking about interesting topics like “best cities to go in 2013” “secrets of crew member” or “vote for in-flight meal”. In this way, brand personalities will be increased as well.

How do competitors blog?

Virgin Atlantic focuses more on visual displays.
virgin virgin2
Southwest Airlines Nuts About Southwest 

southwestSouthwest Airlines uses nuts, which we are all familiar on the plane, as the theme of its blog. Compared to Blue Tales, the blog of Southwest Airlines has more interaction with customers. It has bio introduction of each blog authors and clear icons for customers to share to social websites. In addition, there are different sections such as blog, video, and podcast. Finally, they also tell you where to
go nuts!
go nuts

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Not only compete in the sky- Airlines digital campaign examples

JetBlue-2012 Election Protection “LIVE FREE OR FLY “

jetDigital channel: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, blogs, News, company page and blog
Objective: engage users, build brand image: fun
Call-To-Action: sign up with email, share on social media, follow on social media
Result: 51 million page impressions, 103K+ votes, 346K unique visits
Insight: Tapping to social trend and utilize voter’s psychological behavior

“If my candidate does not win, I’m leaving the country.” This might sound familiar during last year’s US president election. That’s right, it was a marketing campaign from JetBlue Airways aiming at engaging voters by offering a free trip abroad if their candidate of choice didn’t win the presidency in November. This campaign, Election Protection 2012, was tied  in with president election and successfully created a buzz. Once voters visit the landing website, they were asked to sign up for the promotion (as donkey or elephant team), select their choice for president, and places they’d like to fly to if their candidate lose the election. The goal for JetBlue was to gain customer contact information and generate media buzz through people’s shares on social media.
webJetBlue has been doing well on digital branding, having numerous followers on each social platform and company blog Blue Tales. The Election Protection project was designed by integrated ad agency Because the campaign has expired, it is hard to find banner ads or other paid ads from that time. But we can see that this campaign appeared on each reputable news sites like The New York TimesABC NEWSThe Washington TimesBloomberg Businessweek, and Fox. Other high traffic websites are About.comAdweek, and Advertising Age. I also noticed that it was featured in blogger Melanie Nayer‘s article in Melanie Nayer is an award-winning reporter with a focus on luxury travel on Forbes Travel Guide, The Huffington Post, USA Today, etc. The campaign was integrated with other media such as print and Out-Of-Home advertisement.





Delta Air Lines-Facebook Delta Fleet Elite Bracket 


Digital channel: Facebook
Objective: engage users, increase Facebook fan base
Call-To-Action: share & like through Facebook
Result: highest responses with 4,116 likes and 1,219 shares among four matches
Insight: Tapping into social trend and engaging users with a simple game

The second example, Delta Fleet Elite Bracket, was recently launched on Delta Air Lines Facebook page. It is a poll game designed to catch up with the March Madness heat. Delta grouped airplanes of different models into pairs in four matches. Fans can vote for their favorite model by “Share” or “Like”. Winner airplane from each pair will continue on next level and compete against another opponents. By far, the models with highest votes are B757-200 (4,116 likes) and MD90 (2,291 likes). Even though Delta has less Facebook fans (568,605 likes) than other airline companies, I found a high level of engagement among Delta users.

COPA Airlines-Passport America Sweepstakes


Digital channel: Facebook app, Facebook ads, web page, email, QR code, mobile
Objective: engage users, increase fan base, brand awareness, and increase ticket sales
Call-To-Action: like Facebook page, share with friends, and buy tickets on
59% conversion rate of registration with the promotion
50x ROI (Return on Investment)
Obtained 133K new Facebook fans in 8 weeks
279K users registered to the promotion (33% are referrals)
Attracted 474K unique visitors to the website
1.3 million email invitations were sent
Insight: Prize of 2 free flight tickets encouraged users to share with friends

In 2011 COPA Airline launched the Facebook-centric campaign, Passport America Sweepstakesdesigned by Nobox Marketing Group. It was one of the most successful airline digital project and won the 2012 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award from the Web Marketing Association. One lucky participant would be chosen to win the grand prize for free airfare to all of COPA Airlines’ 59 destinations. Participants joined the program by registering on the Passport America Facebook app. Users can increase their chance of winning the prize by sharing on Facebook and Twitter, sending email invitation, or buy tickets on COPA website.
CIn order to maintain engagement during the campaign period, the airline added extra 10 raffles before the final grand prize winner was announced. This campaign used Facebook Marketplace Ads, e-blasts, and mobile QR code which could be seen in the airports and COPA airplanes. Intuitive share mechanisms, easy-to-read visual instructions, and an interactive website are the elements of the success.

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No Junk Mail, Thank You.


In order to analyze email marketing strategy, the assignment from my Digital Marketing class instructed by Joanne Borek at NYU, I decided to go to my Gmail inbox which is 40% overwhelmed by junk mails. I have three email accounts and the degrees of being stuffed by junk mail are: NYU email (2%); Gmail (40%); Hotmail (80%). It’s too painful to look at my Hotmail inbox which has almost become a trash can, so I chose to review my Gmail. I use Gmail as the email for friends outside the US and for brands which I ever purchased from or have interest in their information.


Subject Title: “chih hsuan: recommendations for you”
Frequency: Biweekly
Type of Email: Product info and offers
Intended Audience: eBay users who have done purchases before
From Address: eBay <>
Call To Action: Link to the product page

I bought a textbook from eBay in January this year and since then I have been receiving “Recommendation” emails every two weeks. Usually, I ignore this type of email if I am not in the mood of buying something or, for the real reason, I don’t believe in their recommendation at all! But for this assignment, I opened my first recommendations-for-you email and was hoping they would give me some really great recommendations. My hope came true at the first glance, they suggests something similar to my previous purchase <Practicing Leadership-3rd Edition>  And disappointment follows as I continue reading…as expected.


The second part of the email is other promoted deals. The title “Deals on what you’ve been looking for” fooled me a little bit at first because I thought they tracked on what I searched on eBay but it turns out those are just promoted products such as Samsung galaxy note II. Below it are some popular picks, but again, those are not categories I am interested in (ex: Tablet, Coffeemaker, Drill) I wish they’d recommended better products based on my interests.



Subject Title: Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Webster Hall! Find tickets and more..”
Frequency: Weekly
Type of Email: Newsletter, weekly events guide
Intended Audience: Subscribers in NYC
From Address: Eventful <>
Call To Action: Get ticket, view details, and link to third party’s ads

Here is the great email I got from eventful, a website gathers information and tickets for events. Since I signed up on Eventful using NYC location, I am on the list of NYC targeted email campaign. What I like about the email most is the colorful visual layout. The beautiful background picture on the top of this email caught my eyes immediately, with the Call To Action on the right bottom “Explore RVs”. I was attracted by the photo so I actually clicked on the button and linked to Go RVing website. Yes, it is a third party advertisement that Go RVing paid to be placed in Eventful emails. There is an article saying Go RVing’s media plan has targeted on popular sites, including, to draw leads. Even though it is an advertisement and I am not going to rent a RV, I was still pleased by looking at those pretty mountains and picnic photos.


In the center is the subject content of this email, the concert for the American indie rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Again, on the right side we can see Go RVing square banner ad. What I like about the content is that it gives enough information before I click to the landing page. I can see brief introduction of this band, time and location of the concert. Below Yeah Yeah Yeahs are other famous bands who will be having concerts in the coming months. In case you are not a fan of these bands, on the right you might find interesting events in your favorite venues and theaters.


Also, I like those Call To Actions which are clear and diverse. It includes almost all the features you can find on Eventful website, such as “Find ticket”, “Demand it”, “Look for local events”, and “Add performers to your list”. In general, the layout is similar to its website layout and is visually successful.



Subject Title: It’s time for some love & lots of discounts!
Frequency: weekly-biweekly
Type of Email: discount offers
Intended Audience: Subscribers in India areas
From Address: MakeMyTrip <>
Call To Action: “Book now” link to buy tickets

This is the email I received from Make My Trip, an online travel agency headquartered in Delhi, India. I singed up as a member when I was interning in New Delhi last year. After one year, until now I still get their emails every one or two weeks. Make My Trip sent this email about its bus ticket offers on Feb. 12, two days before Valentine’s Day. The campaign theme corresponds with Valentine’s Day by choosing “Bus Love” as the offer’s name. I love the cute love bus surrounded by many hot hearts! Besides that, I think it is creative to arrange the copy next to the bus in a heart shaped display. By clicking the icons on the top, you will be linked to flight, hotel, or other pages. On the top right corner subscribers can follow the brand on social websites.


However, with the appealing email style and my personal great experience with the brand, I rarely opened the offer emails they sent to me. First, Make My Trip keeps sending me emails each month even it is not the season for trips. The differences between offers from travel agency and other retailers is that, travel agencies have to be more sensitive to timing. For example, I am more likely to open weekly offers email from Target  because I am always in the mood or need to buy some potato chips, toilet papers or change my towels. The other reason makes me always ignore Make My Trip emails is that they don’t know me well! It’s been one year since I left India but they keep sending me tickets to Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, etc. I am wondering if they could know my location by tracking from where I open the email. For example, if I go to their website, they can detect my IP address and direct me to USA website. If they can do the same for email without me manually changing my location, they can obtain a better Open Rate.


Finally, email marketing is still a growing and useful marketing tool but it’s important for marketers to create nutritious content and keep updating customer data. Now, I am going to clean up my Gmail and start unsubscribing…

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Find some reasons for being shopaholic- Shopkick


I love shopping in retailer stores but sometimes I feel guilty for spending too much time and money on it. With the app, Shopkick, I found a reason for shopping, that is, to save more money and treat myself while shopping. “In 2012, Nielsen rated Shopkick the 4th most widely used shopping app – behind Amazon, eBay and Groupon.”

Treat yourself while shopping

How does it work? Shopkick is a shopping rewards program with no plastic cards, no confusing rules, no applications to fill out, and even no purchase required. With this shopping app in their smartphone, consumers can rack up points called “kicks” while waking into their favorite stores such as Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Crate&Barrel, Old Navy, American Eagle, Toys”R”Us, Exxon and Mobil convenience stores. Other alliance brands include Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Intel, HP, Disney, Sony, Colgate, Clorox, etc. Users can also collect “kicks” by browsing catalog, scanning products, and making purchase. Collected “kicks” can be redeemed for various rewards such as gift cards,  iTunes song downloads, movie tickets, and more. Shopkick is available for iOS and Android devices.

Shopkick in numbers

Since launching in August 2010, by Feb. 2013 Shopkick has acquired 4 million users and has driven more than 17 million verified walk-ins to stores, 29 million product scans and millions of transactions. It announced its first profitable quarter in Q4 2012, generating $200 million in revenue for its merchant and brand partners. Shopkick’s users viewed more than 1 billion products in the app within three months since it launched the new version, shopkick 3.0, in Oct. 2012. With it, each user viewed over 100 products  per day compared to 5-8 products per


Users can exchange “kicks” for gift cards, a free Starbucks latte, Facebook Credit, movie tickets,  or designer merchandise. What’s more, they can choose to donate their kicks to non-profits! Here tells you how much $ a kick is worth.

photo 3 (3)photo 2 (2)











Walk-In & Barcode Scanner kicks

When users walk in certain stores, shopkick will automatically send you a notification of kicks to collect. Instead relying on GPS triangulation,  shopkick created a highly accurate inaudible audio signal that can be detected by smartphones that have the app installed. The audio signal is either broadcast through a small transmitter in the store, or played directly through the store’s existing music system. Besides that, users can use built-in camera in the app to scan the product barcode to gain extra kicks.

photo 3 (1) photo 2 (1)

Link to your credit card photo 5 (1)

Users can link their Visa or MasterCard to shopkick app and collect  additional kicks when make a purchase using this registered card. Simply filling in credit card info on the app, you can gain 1 kick for every $1 spent or more bonus kicks if purchasing more than certain amount.

Find kicks waiting nearby

By using your current location, shopkick map shows you available kicks around you. The signs below each store tell you what kind of kicks you can collect, for example, the little blue means walk-in, bar code means scan products, and card means card payment.

photo 3 (2)  photo

 Mark favorite Items on Lookbooks

photo 3A great new feature that allows users to plan shopping beforehand is the “Lookbooks“. It’s an at-a-glance look at what’s inside each store. Users can browse the latest picks and deals, and save favorite items to the list. Next time when they walk in the store, those items will pop out and remind what products they liked a few days ago. The info icon on the bottom right will give you more details such as price and promotion date.

Unlock kicks for next walk-in

One of the features that I like most is to unlock a catalog and gain extra kicks. On the welcome page we can see some kicks that are locked. Tapping on the lock, you will see a few catalogs. As you view more pages on the catalog, the lock bar on the top will increase and finally the kicks will be unlocked which you can redeem when next time walking into the store. It actually drives people to plan their shopping trips at home, and more more products viewed at home means more kicks earned at walk-in. According to Shopkick, 52 percent users build up walk-in kicks at home.

photo 5  photo 1 (2)

Benefits for retailers and brands?

For consumers, it is a useful app which helps them to save time and earn rewards from shoppings. As for retailers and brands, what kind of benefits  are they looking for? First, it drives more traffic to physical stores. Second, promotion campaigns are incorporated with kicks on shopkick which enables brands to reach more consumers. Besides, it boosts purchases on certain categories that retailers want to promote. For example, in order to find the products to scan, consumers are led to some aisles they rarely go to such as Lawn &Garden, retailer private labels, etc. Finally, it generates interaction and relationship with customers. Below is the example of SONY encouraging customer engagement.

photo 4

P.S. After Target and American Eagle’s nationwide rollouts, Macy’s has also introduced Shopkick into more than 7,000 stores and 250 U.S. malls.


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Get to know myself, Track my moves!

Fun Run Logo

Feb. 7 Thu.

9:30am-11am WAKE UP, USE iPHONE IN BED

(All in iphone) Checked emails, checked FB and replied message (friend and family), checked the weather using apps Yahoo Weather and Weather Channel, googled information about t Form 1098 which my parents just received regarding tuition payment.

11am-13am LUNCH TIME

Cooked lunch and browsed NYU website; eating lunch while watching Everybody Loves Raymond on TBS (no cables in my hose…), searching for Broadway show ticket and ChinaAirline ticket at the same time.

13pm-15pm COMPUTER

Sent email thorough NYU email, finished coverletter, used google translate and Yahoo dictionary (on PC), checked emails and FB (on iPHONE)


Reviewed photos in iphone, read ads on subway, saw Brooklyn people protest on 42nd street

16pm-18:30pm IN CLASS

Check msg and bank account app on iphone


Discussed subway ads with friend, Shopped for food in Chinese supermarket

20:30pm-23pm HOME

Cook, ate while watching Youtube and reading FB (on PC), sent Broaway ticket links to FB message, shared two articles from mashable FB page (one is Sony Photography Award photos, the other one is about gmail privacy), liked WordPhotographyOrganization FB page, sent Whatsapp and LINE message (on phone)


Used LINE to send message and call family, downloaded school readings from NYUClass



Feb. 9 Sat.


Wake up, turned on TV to watch Blizzard News on NY1 channel, video called family and friend on skype to show them the snow (on iPONE), went out to take photos and shared on LINE (on iPONE)


Ate mile and oats (Nestlé and Quaker) and checked MTA website to see if subway operates normally before I went out.


Read school reading, took a snap, read ads on subway


I used google map app to find direction. Before we met, we texted each other to check where we were instead of calling. After we met up, we decided to go to central park first because that morning I saw from news a lot kids were snow sliding in central park. We took pictures there and send to each other through mobile SMS message. While eating in the cafeteria, I chose TAZO tea bag instead of Lipton because TAZO is used in Starbucks. I showed my friend the pictures in my cellphone and camera about my trip to Mexico.


That day was Chinese New Year’s Eve and I was invited to dinner at my Taiwanese friend’s. I called them when I was on No.7 train and it’s the only train which has cellphone signal. Before heading to their house I bought gifts (Taiwan and China brand) in a Chinese supermarket. My phone was out of battery so I couldn’t use google map, I asked for help from others instead.


There were 8 people in the dinner. Most of them are more than 50 years old, so most of the time I just listened to their topics which I am not really interested in, such as insurance, kids, church work, health, etc. After dinner, we watched CCTV New Year’s Gala on TV and talked about the performances.

23pm HOME

My phone was dead for whole night and I felt insecure, so the first thing I did after going home was to charge my phone and check messages. Then I turned on laptop to check emails, receive phone bill thorough email and made payment on CHASE website, read FB to see how my friends celebrated the new year and liked their photos. I was going to read news about Taiwan so I went to Yahoo Taiwan website. However, I was distracted by entertainment and beauty news and linked to a beauty blog article which teaches how to touch up your makeup…

1 am  IN BED

Used iphone to watch a video from Tony Award and searched about it. Searched for recipes and read other’s cooking blog.


Feb. 10 Sun.

8:30am- 9:30am WAKE UP, PLAY IPHONE

Checked email and FB, sent whats app and LINE message, downloaded background scene from LINE, received LINE sticker from friends, edited photos and birthday card using photo editor apps: LINE camera, Camera 360, and MeituXiuXiu and then shared on LINE.


Skype with friend on iphone while cooking lunch


Turned on TV as background noise, sent LINE message, ate lunch and browsed websites, searched about computer system reinstall, searched for free watch movie online websites, did textbook readings while reinstalling my computer. I alternatively used mobile, electronic dictionary device, and computer to look up vocabularies from the reading.

16pm- 17:30pm WATCH MOVIE

Browsed Chinese free movies website PPS and reviewed ratings of each movie, downloaded movie reader software and watched an Indian move NEW YORK which is about 911 terrorism. While watching the movie, I used and google translate apps to look up vocabularies, and googled info about 911 and FBI on laptop and mobile.

18pm- 20pm Reading

Read school case study on computer, googled about the reading story, cook dinner

20:30pm- 11pm GRAMMY AWARD, DINNER

Took photo of my dinner and shared on LINE. I watched Grammy Award on CBS while eating dinner and using computer and cellphone at the same time. I went to Grammy Award website, read twitter pages of celebrities who join the award such as Adele, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna. I googled about those popular singers whom I am not familiar with. I went to youtube to listen to their music. During the award, I checked email, did another reading, and checked my refund from Victoria’s Secret. After the award, on FB I saw lots of new about Grammy Award published immediately on NewYorkTimes and Mashable.