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Twitter Announces Conversion Tracking Tool

Twitter recently introduced its conversion tracking tool which allows advertisers to track the performance of Twitter Ads. By placing a tracking tag on the thank you page of their sites, advertisers can track how Promoted Tweets drive conversions on destination sites through ad impressions and engagement. One of the key benefits of conversion tracking is the conversion attribution window that can be set for both post-engagement and post-view conversions. The attribution window can identify which specific engagement triggered the conversion, such as Tweet expands and Retweets. Companies like Alex and Ani, Live Nation, and Seamless have been testing the conversion tracking beta version before the official launch.


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Facebook Scores Highest in Social Commerce Report

8thBridge, a social technology company, recently released its third annual Social Commerce IQ (SCIQ) report, which analyzed online retailers’ strategies of using social commerce to improve the shopping experience. 872 retailers were surveyed this year, including almost all brands in the Internet Retailer 2013 Top 500 Guide. The results show that, in terms of platform adoption, around 90% of brands are using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. Facebook and YouTube generate most traffic, while only 85 retailers are getting traffic from Twitter and 55 retailers are getting traffic from Instagram. About 58% of brands think Facebook drive sales most successfully, followed by Pinterest with 27% support. It also shows that Facebook is the main platform for people to share products and also the most effective way to learn about new products.

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Report: Top Marketing Priorities in 2014

ExactTarget, a digital marketing software company acquired by Salesforce in 2013, recently released a report of the top marketing priorities in 2014. The results are based on a survey of over 2,500 marketers and provide informative insights for marketers while setting new strategies for this year. The survey found that increasing conversion rates is the first priority for marketers in 2014 (47%), while other top priorities are increasing brand awareness (46%) and utilizing behavior-based data (29%). When it comes to the budget, 98% of marketers intend to increase or maintain digital marketing budgets for 2014, with the focus on data & analytics and marketing automation. About 66% of respondents agreed that social media indirectly impacts their business performance. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, other channels marketers plan to use in 2014 include Google+, SlideShare, Blogs, Podcasts, and Pinterest.