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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – JetBlue video marketing

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Picture Worth A Thousand 1000 Words Linchi Kwok BlogWords are good, but sometimes, we have to admit, pictures are more favorable. It is enjoyable to read and experience characters’ emotions from one paragraph to another. However, when I come home from work, lying on my sofa, a simple picture will more easily catch my eyes. As people become busier and lazier, videos which involves visual and audio content in few seconds, has become an important role in our life. Funny videos like Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That and Harlem Shake went viral across borders in a short time. Our behaviors have been controlled by those little triangle, square, and rectangle icons. Videos enable more content and drive higher engagement. Brands recognize that and utilize online video platforms such as YoutubeHuluNetflixVimeoVevoAOLVine, etc.imgfeat-prod-media


1. Youtube

JetBlue has its own Youtube channel with 96 videos, 2154 subscribers, and 1341k video views. Those videos include JetBlue campaign commercials, animations, customer experience, live performance, and a series of “Ground Rules” videos which complemented its “You above all” marketing campaign launched in 2010. Hidden cameras recorded how people react when being deprived of basic services in real situations. Results are also featured in its Blue Tale blog. ground
2. FacebookphiliphiliOn its Facebook page, there are video posts of JetBlue “Live from T5″ concerts and other interview and demonstration videos. “Live from T5″ is the live music concert series at the airline’s Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Through the partnership with Superfly Marketing Group, it has presented performances from Phillip Phillips, Taylor Swift, James Blunt Overall, etc. Overall, JetBlue is doing well on Facebook with various content: polls, photos, videos, promotions, links to other channels (blog, website, specific landing page…)

3. Twitter

On the Twitter page, I found JetBlue has timely and interesting interaction with customers. JetBlue has lots of photo and video posts on Twitter and some of the videos are actually from its replies to customers’ posts.  For example, there was a customer tweeting that she was at JFK airport listening to the music that JetBlue was playing. Within 3 minutes, JetBule tweeted back, started a conversation, and replied with a video of one girl doing crazy but excellent dancing at the airport. This is a great example of brands giving instant responses to customers with a sense of humor. Another example of dealing with customer’s complaint about hearing feelings is to post a movie clip of “Singin’ in the Rain”, a 1950s American musical comedy. Saying ‘ We miss you! ‘ and posting the video of creepy Muppets maniacal laugh is also a creative way to win back customers!


The new mobile app Vine, launched by Twitter, enables users to post a short video clip up to 6 seconds. Some brands have kept up with the new trend. Here is the good news, JetBlue is on Vine now! But the bad news is, it has ZERO posts… Searching #jetblue, I found a few videos uploaded by JetBlue passengers but it is a pity that JetBlue didn’t take advantage of it.



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