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blogBrand Specific Topics
“Blue Tales” is the name of JetBlue Airway’s blog which can be easily accessed through JetBlue home page. At first glance, my eyes were caught by the big chunk of tags clouds on the right hand side. One thing that’s good about the tag cloud is that users can easily find out what topics are most frequently talked about. However, when tags become too many, some how it looks a bit messy. Breaking down the categories, I found that its topics vary from promotions, new service, airport operations, to concert information, volunteer activities, behind the scene stories, and technology news.

Tone: informative, warm, upright
The blog provides information such as how your baggage is delivered during the flight and introductions of cities in their destinations. Besides, the BlueTales blog is written in a warm tone. From its blog, we can see JetBlue’s efforts on Corporate Social Responsibilities including their staff visiting American Red Cross and the Ronald McDonald House. It also recognizes crewmembers who spend time on volunteering. One story behind the scene I thought was very cute is that when one JetBlue staff realized they couldn’t find a customer’s lost Teddy Bear, she contacted the headquarters and in the end they sent a human-size bear which was the gift for Valentine’s Day contest to the customer as compensation.

JetBlue_ValentineShowing their good customer relationship, in the blog JetBlue also posts a video of staff celebrating a little girl’s birthday who picked JetBlue birthday song as her birthday tradition. The little girl and her family have been JetBlue’s loyal customers for years.

Who are targeted?
The BlueTales blog is posted almost everyday. In my opinion, the purpose of this blog is to build public image and the target audiences are shareholders and fans who aspire to know more  inside stories about JetBlude. Most articles are long and cover much information which might take a while to read. One thing interesting is that most people only comment on promotion posts or something regarding their benefits. What’s more, sometimes the readers are not passengers themselves, they could be parents or grandparents! For example, following comments are from a post where JetBlue introduces the journey of our baggage.

The current content of  Blue Tales is mostly text-based. What I would suggest is that they can add more photos, videos, or colorful designs to make it look more vivid. Besides, they can broaden reader groups by talking about interesting topics like “best cities to go in 2013” “secrets of crew member” or “vote for in-flight meal”. In this way, brand personalities will be increased as well.

How do competitors blog?

Virgin Atlantic focuses more on visual displays.
virgin virgin2
Southwest Airlines Nuts About Southwest 

southwestSouthwest Airlines uses nuts, which we are all familiar on the plane, as the theme of its blog. Compared to Blue Tales, the blog of Southwest Airlines has more interaction with customers. It has bio introduction of each blog authors and clear icons for customers to share to social websites. In addition, there are different sections such as blog, video, and podcast. Finally, they also tell you where to
go nuts!
go nuts


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