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Not only compete in the sky- Airlines digital campaign examples

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JetBlue-2012 Election Protection “LIVE FREE OR FLY “

jetDigital channel: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, blogs, News, company page and blog
Objective: engage users, build brand image: fun
Call-To-Action: sign up with email, share on social media, follow on social media
Result: 51 million page impressions, 103K+ votes, 346K unique visits
Insight: Tapping to social trend and utilize voter’s psychological behavior

“If my candidate does not win, I’m leaving the country.” This might sound familiar during last year’s US president election. That’s right, it was a marketing campaign from JetBlue Airways aiming at engaging voters by offering a free trip abroad if their candidate of choice didn’t win the presidency in November. This campaign, Election Protection 2012, was tied  in with president election and successfully created a buzz. Once voters visit the landing website, they were asked to sign up for the promotion (as donkey or elephant team), select their choice for president, and places they’d like to fly to if their candidate lose the election. The goal for JetBlue was to gain customer contact information and generate media buzz through people’s shares on social media.
webJetBlue has been doing well on digital branding, having numerous followers on each social platform and company blog Blue Tales. The Election Protection project was designed by integrated ad agency Because the campaign has expired, it is hard to find banner ads or other paid ads from that time. But we can see that this campaign appeared on each reputable news sites like The New York TimesABC NEWSThe Washington TimesBloomberg Businessweek, and Fox. Other high traffic websites are About.comAdweek, and Advertising Age. I also noticed that it was featured in blogger Melanie Nayer‘s article in Melanie Nayer is an award-winning reporter with a focus on luxury travel on Forbes Travel Guide, The Huffington Post, USA Today, etc. The campaign was integrated with other media such as print and Out-Of-Home advertisement.





Delta Air Lines-Facebook Delta Fleet Elite Bracket 


Digital channel: Facebook
Objective: engage users, increase Facebook fan base
Call-To-Action: share & like through Facebook
Result: highest responses with 4,116 likes and 1,219 shares among four matches
Insight: Tapping into social trend and engaging users with a simple game

The second example, Delta Fleet Elite Bracket, was recently launched on Delta Air Lines Facebook page. It is a poll game designed to catch up with the March Madness heat. Delta grouped airplanes of different models into pairs in four matches. Fans can vote for their favorite model by “Share” or “Like”. Winner airplane from each pair will continue on next level and compete against another opponents. By far, the models with highest votes are B757-200 (4,116 likes) and MD90 (2,291 likes). Even though Delta has less Facebook fans (568,605 likes) than other airline companies, I found a high level of engagement among Delta users.

COPA Airlines-Passport America Sweepstakes


Digital channel: Facebook app, Facebook ads, web page, email, QR code, mobile
Objective: engage users, increase fan base, brand awareness, and increase ticket sales
Call-To-Action: like Facebook page, share with friends, and buy tickets on
59% conversion rate of registration with the promotion
50x ROI (Return on Investment)
Obtained 133K new Facebook fans in 8 weeks
279K users registered to the promotion (33% are referrals)
Attracted 474K unique visitors to the website
1.3 million email invitations were sent
Insight: Prize of 2 free flight tickets encouraged users to share with friends

In 2011 COPA Airline launched the Facebook-centric campaign, Passport America Sweepstakesdesigned by Nobox Marketing Group. It was one of the most successful airline digital project and won the 2012 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Award from the Web Marketing Association. One lucky participant would be chosen to win the grand prize for free airfare to all of COPA Airlines’ 59 destinations. Participants joined the program by registering on the Passport America Facebook app. Users can increase their chance of winning the prize by sharing on Facebook and Twitter, sending email invitation, or buy tickets on COPA website.
CIn order to maintain engagement during the campaign period, the airline added extra 10 raffles before the final grand prize winner was announced. This campaign used Facebook Marketplace Ads, e-blasts, and mobile QR code which could be seen in the airports and COPA airplanes. Intuitive share mechanisms, easy-to-read visual instructions, and an interactive website are the elements of the success.


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