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Feb. 7 Thu.

9:30am-11am WAKE UP, USE iPHONE IN BED

(All in iphone) Checked emails, checked FB and replied message (friend and family), checked the weather using apps Yahoo Weather and Weather Channel, googled information about t Form 1098 which my parents just received regarding tuition payment.

11am-13am LUNCH TIME

Cooked lunch and browsed NYU website; eating lunch while watching Everybody Loves Raymond on TBS (no cables in my hose…), searching for Broadway show ticket and ChinaAirline ticket at the same time.

13pm-15pm COMPUTER

Sent email thorough NYU email, finished coverletter, used google translate and Yahoo dictionary (on PC), checked emails and FB (on iPHONE)


Reviewed photos in iphone, read ads on subway, saw Brooklyn people protest on 42nd street

16pm-18:30pm IN CLASS

Check msg and bank account app on iphone


Discussed subway ads with friend, Shopped for food in Chinese supermarket

20:30pm-23pm HOME

Cook, ate while watching Youtube and reading FB (on PC), sent Broaway ticket links to FB message, shared two articles from mashable FB page (one is Sony Photography Award photos, the other one is about gmail privacy), liked WordPhotographyOrganization FB page, sent Whatsapp and LINE message (on phone)


Used LINE to send message and call family, downloaded school readings from NYUClass



Feb. 9 Sat.


Wake up, turned on TV to watch Blizzard News on NY1 channel, video called family and friend on skype to show them the snow (on iPONE), went out to take photos and shared on LINE (on iPONE)


Ate mile and oats (Nestlé and Quaker) and checked MTA website to see if subway operates normally before I went out.


Read school reading, took a snap, read ads on subway


I used google map app to find direction. Before we met, we texted each other to check where we were instead of calling. After we met up, we decided to go to central park first because that morning I saw from news a lot kids were snow sliding in central park. We took pictures there and send to each other through mobile SMS message. While eating in the cafeteria, I chose TAZO tea bag instead of Lipton because TAZO is used in Starbucks. I showed my friend the pictures in my cellphone and camera about my trip to Mexico.


That day was Chinese New Year’s Eve and I was invited to dinner at my Taiwanese friend’s. I called them when I was on No.7 train and it’s the only train which has cellphone signal. Before heading to their house I bought gifts (Taiwan and China brand) in a Chinese supermarket. My phone was out of battery so I couldn’t use google map, I asked for help from others instead.


There were 8 people in the dinner. Most of them are more than 50 years old, so most of the time I just listened to their topics which I am not really interested in, such as insurance, kids, church work, health, etc. After dinner, we watched CCTV New Year’s Gala on TV and talked about the performances.

23pm HOME

My phone was dead for whole night and I felt insecure, so the first thing I did after going home was to charge my phone and check messages. Then I turned on laptop to check emails, receive phone bill thorough email and made payment on CHASE website, read FB to see how my friends celebrated the new year and liked their photos. I was going to read news about Taiwan so I went to Yahoo Taiwan website. However, I was distracted by entertainment and beauty news and linked to a beauty blog article which teaches how to touch up your makeup…

1 am  IN BED

Used iphone to watch a video from Tony Award and searched about it. Searched for recipes and read other’s cooking blog.


Feb. 10 Sun.

8:30am- 9:30am WAKE UP, PLAY IPHONE

Checked email and FB, sent whats app and LINE message, downloaded background scene from LINE, received LINE sticker from friends, edited photos and birthday card using photo editor apps: LINE camera, Camera 360, and MeituXiuXiu and then shared on LINE.


Skype with friend on iphone while cooking lunch


Turned on TV as background noise, sent LINE message, ate lunch and browsed websites, searched about computer system reinstall, searched for free watch movie online websites, did textbook readings while reinstalling my computer. I alternatively used mobile, electronic dictionary device, and computer to look up vocabularies from the reading.

16pm- 17:30pm WATCH MOVIE

Browsed Chinese free movies website PPS and reviewed ratings of each movie, downloaded movie reader software and watched an Indian move NEW YORK which is about 911 terrorism. While watching the movie, I used and google translate apps to look up vocabularies, and googled info about 911 and FBI on laptop and mobile.

18pm- 20pm Reading

Read school case study on computer, googled about the reading story, cook dinner

20:30pm- 11pm GRAMMY AWARD, DINNER

Took photo of my dinner and shared on LINE. I watched Grammy Award on CBS while eating dinner and using computer and cellphone at the same time. I went to Grammy Award website, read twitter pages of celebrities who join the award such as Adele, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna. I googled about those popular singers whom I am not familiar with. I went to youtube to listen to their music. During the award, I checked email, did another reading, and checked my refund from Victoria’s Secret. After the award, on FB I saw lots of new about Grammy Award published immediately on NewYorkTimes and Mashable.


Author: RhondaLin

I like traveling, scuba-diving, Japanese and Korean food. My face gets red when I drink alcohol. I try to find a way to make life exciting. Unleash your potential, think big and have fun. I tweet, I pin, I instagram.

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