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Blog Analysis – THEPLATFOM

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THEPLATFOM (fashion blog)

It is a fashion blog which I like for its use of colors and poster-like photos.However, there are some facts that could be improved…

1. Low quality picture reduces people’s desire of reading further.

2. Inappropriate layout design


3. There are too many tags for one post which makes people confused about the subject.

4. Some of the tags are useless and make no sense. For example, there is only on post under “sexyboyfriend” tag.Untitled

5. The notes section doesn’t provide any useful information such as comments or related links, it only shows who like or reblog the post.



Author: RhondaLin

I like traveling, scuba-diving, Japanese and Korean food. My face gets red when I drink alcohol. I try to find a way to make life exciting. Unleash your potential, think big and have fun. I tweet, I pin, I instagram.

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