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Blog Analysis – Quipsologies

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Quipsologies (design blog)

The reasons I like…

1. It’s interesting to use Vol. and No. number to organize archive which makes me feel like I am reading a book.

2. The use of background color code to distinguish different types of post.Untitled2

3. Short description of posted message and readers can easily browse the post by clicking on image or the “link” icon.

4. Through clicking on “via”, readers can find the original source of a post.Untitled4

5. It will open a new page when clicking on a post, which enable reader to stay on same page for further information.

6. As a network of design blogs, it’s a great platform to connect to many other websites and blogs.

Something to improve…

First, the text font size is too small to read. Second, there is no topic category, the archive is only organized by time series.Readers can not find the post they are looking for by category.

Also, there are no links to follow or share this blog. If I want to share it I need to copy and paste the web address. In addition, too many sections and squares result in difficulty of identifying the main parts at first glance. To improve, I will adjust the layout to make posted articles stand out from website introduction, advertisement, and other instructions. Also, I will remove the whole “SUBMIT A QUIP” square and use a link instead, to save room and make it looks simpler.

Finally, the ad and sponsor sections are too big and similar to the design of main post area, which will distract reader’s focus. I will use lines to separate them or place them away from posts.



Author: RhondaLin

I like traveling, scuba-diving, Japanese and Korean food. My face gets red when I drink alcohol. I try to find a way to make life exciting. Unleash your potential, think big and have fun. I tweet, I pin, I instagram.

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